Core Development

Enabling professional growth throughout your organization


Take organizational knowledge to the next level

Elsevier Performance Manager: Core Development was built by healthcare professionals on the idea that knowledge can transform an organization – for the better. Core Development builds on Core Learning, one of the industry’s easiest-to-implement healthcare learning management systems.

The Core Development platform takes the idea one step further, adding powerful features that support professional growth and competency management. Administrative options let you schedule in-person and virtual events and conduct assessments. With built-in, customizable surveys and discussions, collaboration and two-way communication becomes second nature.

Finally, Core Development adds the ability to track licensing and certification.

Core development includes:

  • Assignments & Testing
  • Assessments with Remediation
  • Acknowledgements & Discussions
  • Transcripts & Credits Earned
  • Reports
  • Licensure & Certification
  • Classes & Events
  • Competency Checklists with Online Grading
  • Surveys with Graphical Trending